Advice on taking care of your SusanaGateira® clothes

Designed and made with you in mind!

For a longer duration and in perfect condition it is
necessary to take care of your clothes properly.

The tissues of our clothes are made with artificial fibbers like polyester, polyamide with elastane, drirelease and microfibers that are suitable to all kind of activities, facilitating your movements. These types of fabric are quick drying. If you want that they last longer and in perfect conditions there is some rules that you have to have.

Don’t leave your dirty and sweaty clothes inside the the bag of the gym.

After the gym you have to air your clothes, because if you leave them in a close bag you take the risk of the fabric degrade and the colours dye; so if you don’t want to wash them right away leave them let it air dry.

Take notice to the labels

All our clothes have labels with instructions to wash. In some cases they cannot be wash exceeding a specific temperature or they cannot be ironed because of the fabric being breathable and the most delicate pieces must be wash at hand. So be very careful about washing your clothes.

Washing symbols

Clothes can only be dry cleaned.

Hand wash up to 40º C

Machine wash, max. 30ºC

Machine wash, max. 30ºC, Short spin

Machine wash, max. 40ºC

Machine wash, max. 40ºC, Short spin

Machine wash, max. 60ºC

You can use bleach

Do not use bleach

Dry wash

Do not dry clean

Drying and ironing symbols

Allowed to use dryer at moderate temperature

Allowed to use dryer at low temperature

Do not use a dryer

Do not iron

Hot iron, iron at 200ºC Max.

Warm iron, iron at 150ºC Max.

Cold iron, iron at 110ºC Max.

How to remove the smell

If your dirty clothes have a strong bad smell you have to put them to soak, before you wash them, separating the colours and with a little bit of vinegar, preferably, about half an hour.

How to wash with detergents and or not softener

When the clothes are washing only with detergents, the next time you use them they will absorb more sweat and therefore they will have a stronger smell. If you put a little bit of softener with the detergent it will make your clothes smell better, and they will be softer, avoiding the static electricity. Only put the amount of detergents and softener that are indicated for the program of the washing machine, because excessive detergents and softeners will leave stains in your clothes.

Don’t use removable stains, bleaches or other type of products abrasives.
Using cold programs in your washing machine

To wash your clothes choose a short program and a cold one with a low centrifugation.
Don’t put more pieces inside your washing machine that it cannot hold because it will be only a waste, since the machine will not be able to wash correctly your clothes.

Always wash your white pieces separated of your colours pieces: this will prevent your clothes of being dyed.

Do not put your clothes in the drying machine: this will avoid shrinkage and abrasion.

Put your pieces in the shade and in a ventilated place because the direct contact with sun may stain them.

Normally our clothes don’t need to be ironed, so look at the label before you do that.

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