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Susanagateira® is nowadays the reference brand in the Portuguese fitness sector, known for the quality, innovation and originality of it concept and products.

Entirely created, developed and produced in Portugal, the brand was born in 1997 and after an initial phase where the brand grew especially near the Fitness professionals, the brand grew gradually and imposed itself in a more and more competitive market, as the number one brand!

network stores and resellers

Today the brand counts with its own network of flag stores in the home market, which allow it to have a good presence near the consumers.

The concept behind the brand is resumed in two words: “Fitness Fashion” and clearly transposes what the brand, collection after collection, presents in the market. Garments adequate to the more demanding physical activities, but always with a strong and real concern on design and visual impact.

textiles and production techniques innovation

The high quality of the products, which can be verified on both the materials used and the quality of manufacturing, reinforces an activity that is sustained in the previous brand concept and that allowed the brand to achieve a gradual but constant penetration in several world markets.

All Susanagateira® garments are conceived to resist to an intense use and, at the same time, due to its natural comfort, to be suitable for a daily use.

innovative design

Adding this to and unique, original, innovative and bold design, your Susanagateira® piece will always be unique and will allow you, to feel real good all days both physically and mentally.

innovation and quality

Maintaining a strong innovation nature, especially regarding to Design and Ergonomics, the brand continues to distate the trend os Sports Fashion in Portugal and assumes an increasingly relevant role in the foreign market.

To ensure a higher standard of quality, the brand has incorporated several functions, over time, which allows it to control the entire process through that its products are submitted. Applying a strict control of the operations from the moment of the conception of each piece, in the selection of the materials and types of finish, going through the whole process of manufacture and finally the commercialization of the pieces, the brand guarantees a high quality, with a great durability and a ergonomics in its use much higher than the normal standards.

All the pieces are designed to be exposed to a intense use and, at the same time, in order to be desirable in your daily use because of its comfort.

social & community impact

In recent years, the discussion about the importance of physical activity for humans has come to life in the scientific and social spheres. The impact on improving physical and mental health is notorious. The maxim that gained furor “Move for your health”, dictated the beginning of a new social and cultural attitude towards sport: it is no longer a luxury, nor a mere pastime, to become part of people’s daily routines .

We are not born athletes, nor do we have to practice high performance training plans. Just choose a simple physical activity, which is to your liking, that can be practiced both inside and outside. Then, start.

The first few times, we will not lie to you, it will not be easy and you will discover muscle aches and pains of muscles that you never imagined having. But then, the body gets used to it, the mind becomes lighter after each workout and the well-being that settles in makes you look forward to the next trip to the gym.

In addition, self-esteem improves, either by surpassing each proposed goal, or by the results that are visible not only in your eyes but in the eyes of others, in the compliments they give you.

It is at this point that the choice of sportswear makes the difference. There are clothes of all models and shapes, but only one brand is concerned with your comfort and your emotional well-being. When wearing a SusanaGateira sports outfit, in addition to feeling comfortable during physical exercise, you will like the person the mirror will return to you. A healthy, focused, determined, elegant person who likes you. And you know what the experts say: “people like people who like themselves”.

Innovative, Ergonomic, High Quality and unique Design

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