Returns Policy & Process

Returned items must comply with our returns policy

User can cancel any order within the 24 hours following order registry by sending an email to clearly stating his intention.

After receiving any order, User has a 30 day period during which it’s possible to break the buy and sell contract established when buying in the site (total or partial return of products). To do it, User has to notify Susanagateira® using the email address referred before with no need to indicate any reason.

User should return the products to Susanagateira®, considering the following address:

Rua Grande Banco

The right to resolve the contract (products return) must respect the following conditions:

– Products have to be returned as new and in a state that allows it to be wear and sell;

– Products have to be returned with all tags and labels on it, including the ones with the code bar and price;

– Products must not have been used. Any sign of use will result in cancelation of the return process;

– Products must be returned within thirty days of order receipt, accompanied by the corresponding proof of purchase;

– The cost of returns, except in cases duly recognized by Susanagateira ® will always be supported by the User. This means, the value of freight and fees paid by the User on receipt of the order and the value needed to return the products..

– Indicate to Susanagateira ® which of the procedures indicated in 8.3 the User want to opt to settle their return.

Having the User returned all or part of an order, following the rules above, the same can choose one of the following ways to terminate the contract of sale and end the return process. In any case this process is subject to the issuing of a Credit Document which content the User has to acknowledge answering to the email that Susanagateira® will send.

When returning products, the user may choose to be issued a voucher with the value of the returned items, that can be used within 6 months after being issued in new purchases on the site;

The user may also request the refund of the amount paid for the returned goods. In this case the Susanagateira ® is committed to refund the amount, subject to appropriate adjustments if applicable, being used, whenever possible the same route by which the payment was made and within 30 days after receiving the items.

In case of payments made by Multibanco or by request of the User, Susanagateira® can make the refund by wire transfer. In any such case the User must add a document with the NIB confirmation to the order return.

Susanagateira® will not be responsible for any mistake or wrong information made by the User as far as the NIB confirmation is concerned, declining any compensation requested;

Whenever the return of one or more articles that have been purchased with a discount granted on the basis of the total purchase value, implies that the minimum purchase value allocation for this discount is no longer fulfilled, the amount to be reimbursed shall be adjusted proportionately depending on the value that was actually paid.

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