Privacy and Personal Information

This privacy policy applies to any collection and processing of personal data performed.

All personal data introduced during the registration process are the strictly needed to assure that the User will be recognized in the future, that we can offer him a personalized service, that all orders will be correctly processed and that we are able to contact the User in case of need.

Your personal data is extremely important and Susanagateira® recognizes the responsibility to protect them. To assure it we’ve developed the adequate procedures to achieve your data protection.

When registering in the site the User expressly allows Susanagateira® to use your personal data as well as data from his orders and payments. This data will be kept and computerized and can be used for communication purposes that will reinforce the personalized offer of products and services, promotional campaigns and to allow order processing.

Susanagateira® assures the will not sell or rent or give your personal data to other parties and all information will be treated as confidential and used only by Susanagateira®, except in situations resulting from legal procedures.

This way, all data will be used to:

– Process, complete data and deliver you order as well as to notify you about it status.

– Assure that our Customer Service is able to contact with you to answer your questions, to clarify any abnormal situation or to communicate news about Susanagateira® products and offers.

All access to your data is restricted to the persons involved in the process and only to fulfill your order needs from the moment the order is registered until it’s delivery, including after sales support and future communication.

Even considering that all cautions had been made to protect all data, Susanagateira® will not be responsible for any act that will not occur from your own negligence.

If any inadequate site use is detected by any user and independently of any legal procedure that may be developed Susanagateira® reserves for itself the right to cancel the user registry, cancel any pendent orders and suspend any product exchange or reimburse.

User is the sole responsible for keeping all personal and relevant information updated and also for validate all personal data asked. When needed, User should login into the site and rectify all data that needs to be updated.

To update personal data, the User must login to the site and access the personal area.